Handmade Acrylic Paintings
Since 2013, I began painting portraits of people (mostly fictional). The first one was unimpressive and downright creepy, and yet it was a self-portrait. After than I decided to paint the fairer gender and the results have greatly improved. It's likely because I do a terrible job painting human ears. Anyway, here are my best acrylic paintings in order of year and from sketch to final layer of paint. Most of them are fan-art from movies, games, or even theme park attractions.

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Virginia Grace - 2013

This is considered fan art from The Haunted Mansion for the infamous 'Ally Gal,' the young lady on a tightrope about to break above a hungry alligator. I couldn't find a canvas at the same length as the one from the attraction, so I just stuck with a 16x20 canvas. This was my first painting of a lady.


Faun R. - 2015

This is another fan art design from The Haunted Mansion. This one is based off of the 'Medusa' portrait. However, I only painted the before transition when she was a beautiful Grecian woman. About a year later, I did the post-transition via Photoshop and printed it on a special scrim fabric to create the effect commonly found on the attraction. Video of the process can be found in the 'Video' section of this site.


Space Ace and Kimmy - 2016

This is, of course, fan art from the 'Space Ace' Laserdisc/Arcade game made by the super-talented Don Bluth and his team. This is of Ace himself with the gorgeous lady 'Kimberly/Kimmy.' Only difference is that I gave Ace brown hair and my eye color since my last self-portrait was a disaster.


The Dutchman Visits Carolina - 2017

Another fan art piece from The Haunted Mansion. Also used for another scrim-based lightning illusion as with the Faun painting.


Jack the (Banjo) Picker - 2018

More fan art from The Haunted Mansion. Only this one has a banjo instead of a knife.


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I actually like this one and it is not offensive.
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Thank you! Though you are partial. :)

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